Group Insurance Savings save 25% to 50% (or more)
Payroll and Taxes Savings save 25% to 50% (or more)

Assureflex is the largest no prior deposit Health Spending Account provider
in Ontario, providing Health Spending Accounts to Employers and Employees,
spanning Northwestern, Northern, Eastern, Central and Southwestern Ontario.

Assureflex saves 25% to 50% compared to prepaid and no-refund premiums,
removes Income and Payroll Tax compared to employer refund arrangements,
and 100% refunds where Medical Expense Tax Credits provide little or none.

Assureflex is available to any/all Employees of corporations, starting with as
few as one Employee per benefit Class. If the Employee is also a Shareholder,
benefit maximums must be "reasonable", and not based on dividend income.

Assureflex is available to all Employees of non-incorporated businesses who
are "arms-length" Employees. Actively employed Owners can also participate
if benefit maximums are the same as those of the "arms-length" Employees.

Assureflex can enhance or replace Insurer Health and/or Dental Care for all
or specific Class of Employees, or provide added non-taxable Compensation.
There's nothing to lose, except expensive alternative benefit arrangements.

Assureflex Health Spending Accounts are used to provide:

    added non-taxable Executive benefit compensation, and/or
    added non-taxable Employee benefit compensation, and/or
    the alternative to group insurance Health and Dental Care.

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