Cost-effective Health Spending Accounts


Assureflex Health Spending Accounts provide benefits to obtain and maintain physical and mental health. All Employee and Dependent benefits are non-taxable.

Assureflex HSAflex Savings Comparisons


Assureflex HSAflex is used instead of group insurance or salary reimbursement, and is the most cost-effective of any available alternatives. Click link below for comparisons.

Savings Comparisons

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Dental Care Benefits reimbursed at 100% of Claim *

Health Care Benefits reimbursed at 100% of Claim *

  • Hospitals and Convalescent Care
  • Chronic and Palliative Care Facilities
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Physical and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Mental or Physical Impairment or Infirmity
  • Private Medical Clinics (see notes below)
  • Medical Practitioners regulated in own Jurisdiction
  • Psycho-social Counselling (see notes below)
  • Private Duty Nursing Care
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Prescription Drugs and Medicines
  • Other Drugs and Medicines
  • Ambulance Services
  • Non-durable Supplies
  • Durable Supplies
  • Durable Equipment
  • Out- of-Province and Out-of-Country
  • Travel Expense to obtain Medical Services
  • Weight-loss Programs (see notes below)
  • In Vitro Fertilization Program
  • Laboratory Tests and Examinations
  • Bone Marrow or Organ Transplant
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Vision Care
  • Practitioners
  • Basic Services
  • Endodontic and Periodontic  Services
  • Major Restorative Services
  • Orthodontic Services

Benefits reimbursed at 10% of total specific Claim *

  • Vitamins and Supplements, and
  • Non-prescription Medications, and
  • Non-prescription Medical Supplies, and
  • Non-prescription Medical Equipment
  • Non-regulated Health Providers

Private Medical Clinics includes health evaluations and health assessments, in Canada and out-of-country.

Psycho-social Counselling included services provided by Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Registered Social Workers.

Weight-loss Programs includes those prescribed and provided by a Dietician or Physician.

* employers can select 80% instead of 100% reimbursement, and calendar year maximums by employee class

* specifics are shown in the health spending account benefit booklet